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Rochester Hills Michigan is the homeland of a band of brothers known as the Van Ormans.   Beeler, Teddy,  Elliot and the little little brother Ben.  Beeler and Teddy are super good bmx stunt riders, probably the best brothers in bmx these days.   Elliot is pretty good too, but he's better known for making videos.  Ever since he was a little kid, tagging along with his brothers and their friends to the Clarkston trails or to some ledges nearby, he's been carrying a camera around with him and compiling an endless amount of footage.  Every two years or so he's been churning out a new video featuring his brothers and his friends from around Michigan and all over the country.  Every video gets better than the last.  The riding is turned up a few notches, the film quality gets better, and the editing just gets more amazing every time.   Elliot's newest video is called "The Day is Over" and it is just incredible.  Him and his brothers and Steven Hamilton, Garret Wilson, Nate Fonz, Jeff Degryse, and a ton of others are featured in it and there is good music, awesome riding, and it just plain rules.  The video is awesome and the bonus sections are like a work of art.  If you haven't seen it already, get it from Albes immediately.  To help promote the video a bit and so the world can get to know him a little bit more, here's a little interview Elliot did for BMX.CC



Name:  Elliot Van Orman


How did you get into making videos?
When I was ten years old, a family friend down the road, named Mike Brugos, began to show me the whole aspect of video making, he helped me get into films, showed me things and helped me get started off in it, so i thank him greatly for that.

Future Plans, or Future Videos?
I am going to college at Columbia Art School in Chicago next fall, I hope to study film and get a job in hollywood some day.  I would like to make another video, and make it a lot better than my last one, because i always see where i failed in my past works, to improve upon that.

How Have Your Brothers Inspired you?
They got me into biking, and have given me something to look up to.

How have your injuries held you back?
My injuries have only held me back from my bike, for the amount of time i needed to heal from them.  They have caused me to miss much  riding time in my life so far, lots of times i've been out.  As of now, i havent been able to ride since basically July 19th 2003, the day i tore my acl , and got surgery later on in september that year, so i'm still recovering from that.   I've had too many injuries so far in biking, broken both wrists, broke right leg, broke left foot, fractured my spine, smashed half my face, brain bleed internally almost killing me on 7-18-00, tore my acl in left knee and got surgery, so i hope it ends there.

How much do your parents support you?
A lot, and I am thankful for it.

What does 248 mean, and where are the 248 trails?
248 is the area code of where I live, and the 248 trails are in my backyard, they were started back in 96, by my brothers, who built them into what they are today basically, i tagged along with riding years after they were started, and tried to join.

How much time do you put into making videos?
Too much time, and i will never be truly satisfied with my work.  but i guess nothing will ever be perfect, cause i've realized that's impossible.

What equipment and programs do you use?
I film with a vx 2000, and various other cameras, and i edit with adobe premiere 6.5 and 5.1

Where does your motivation come from?
everything that makes me try harder.

Name your bike videos you've made, and tell us the meaning of the titles?
I made "Yellow" when i was 12 years old, before i rode, i just filmed my older brothers riding with friends and what not, and made a video eventually, right after i made that video i wanted to ride so bad, so i started a few months after i made that video.
-the meaning behind yellow is that i was watching a tales from the crypt tv show back then, and the episode was called yellow, and it was about world war 1, and some chicken soldier guy with no guts, well i thoght the idea of being yellow had to do with some biking stuff, so i named the video yellow.

I made Fire In The Hole, when i was 14 years old,  I named this video that because I didn't have a name for a video at all.  So my friend Garrett Wilson filmed something funny of our friend Darren Dipetta, he threw a pop into a burger king drive thru window yelling fireinthehole!  and drove off, which they obviously copied from the cky or landspeed video, but i thought it was funny opening to the video, so i called it Fire In The Hole.

Next Video I made was 7-18, which I made when I was 16 years old.  7-18 is named that because, on 7-18-00 at Woodward, i had a real bad head injury on cloud nine's mini, i had to get helicoptered out of woodward, and my brain bled the size of a nickel, throwing me into many mini seizures and what not, with a high chance of me dieing right away from it, but i ended up surviving, and couldn't ride for 6 months after that, so that crash was very important to me during that time of my life, so i named the video i was working on 7-18.

Next Video I just finished it recently , called The Day Is Over.  I got the name of this video from my friend Garrett Wilson.  I was having trouble coming up with a name for my video, and was lost on it, i didnt want to name it something dumb that had to do with something really dumb.  So one day Garrett was showing me videos he was editing on his computer, one was titled The Day Is Over. Bingo , i thought, that's it.  He was cool with me using the name, because he had helped me out a lot with it.  Basically i went with the name because it fit a lot of things going on in my life.  I was realzing how fast time moves, and how it doesn't stop, but can only go forward.  How things that happen, happen and you can't do anything to have made them not happen, how once the day is over, it's done, and that's it, you cant go back.  The video has to do with TIME and how it doesn't make much sense to me, and will never.  How things change, and how many things have come and gone in one spot if you just stand still and think about it.  So the video represents TIME, and that's about it.

Top Ten Video Making Tips?

1. Never Be Happy With Something You know could be better.

2. Match Music to everything in your edit.

3. Look for Unique angles

4. Look for diversity in your edits.

5. Show Human aspects to your video

6. Create Suspense and exictement.

7. try your best.

8 make up your own rules

9. dont listen to what i have to say.

10. listen to yourself and what you know is good.


where do you see bmx videos going in the future?
not really sure to much, hopefully just more crazyness to come in videos.


what are some things that you wanted to do with your new video that you couldn't?
just wanted to improve film jobs, travel a bit more to places to film, some lighting, better edits to the songs, refilm some tricks, and just various other things that i could pick apart with my video.  but there came a time, where i had to turn it in, so i had to do that i guess, or else i could have gone on for years more with it.

any chance of releasing older videos on dvd?

not sure about that, but my main goal is to able to sell my first round of dvds i made for "the day is over" and then make another round. so that will take a lot of marketing and phone calls, let downs, and hopefully a few distributors will carry it. so i'm just going to try my best.

are you making big bucks from making videos?
I'm doing pretty decent.

do you have any shady stuff on film that you just can't release to the world?
nah not too much, most of the stuff i have bad was in the video as well, but i have had a few shots of people getting knocked the heck out, that i chose to keep out of my last video 7-18.  Just becasue it was too disturbing to watch.

how'd you grow up so fast, you used to be a little kid

did your brothers always beat you when you were little? ha
yeah i got picked on a lot, them and there friends, ha i was a subject of abuse.

any hidden sections or secrets in your new video?
no nothing really hidden, excpet for messages about stuff in life, subliminal stuff being flashed very often thoughout the video

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